Thank you for visiting. I wish you an abundance of happiness, awareness, enlightenment, success, and peace. It would be my honor to work with you and help you fill your life with the opportunities that the light of positivity attracts.  

I work with people in all phases of life dealing with minor to major life challenges.

I specialize in uplifting people, dating advice, helping individuals and couples grow and overcome obstacles. 

My sessions are 1 hour in length and are offered through several options. 

If you are traditional and love connecting face to face I am available to meet with you in person at my office. 

If your schedule makes it difficult to book an in person session or you do not live locally we can still connect remotely (via phone calls or Skype) which I find really presents a convenience factor because we can talk while you are on a break at work, stuck in traffic, or in the comfort of your own home. This allows us to have intimate and meaningful conversations while you are in your place of comfort or when it is most convenient for you. This tends to make my clients feel very at ease and presents the opportunity for them to really open up while still maintaining privacy and space. 

Working one-on-one is a powerful experience and can unlock the doors of opportunity and transformation. I provide a free 15 minute consultation for all my clients so we can discuss what you want to work on and whether this is the best option for you. 





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