I use the term break up for couples ending a relationship in which they are not married and therefore not legally bound to each other by law. However, the list of types of breakups (in other words how break ups occur) can be endless and the amount of time it takes to heal from a break up varies for everybody. 

Some people have easy break ups where both people simply agree to part ways, others have break ups where one person wants to stay while the other wants to leave, and some break ups leave us in shock because we can't understand how something that started so good could end so wrong.

The end of any relationship regardless of how long or short, serious or not can be challenging. It's normal to battle with accepting that things have come to an end and it's normal to have a hard time understanding why it had to end.  

Love shows up in our lives in many different ways, at many different times, and for many different reasons. Sometimes love with someone is only meant to be temporary for purposes of gaining experience, discovering your needs and wants, developing you into a better person, and preparing you for when a better partner comes along.

Relationships that come to an end are full of lessons that are meant for learning. If you allow them your past relationships will make you better, which will help you attract the right person for you; and when that person finally comes along you will be able to value, love, and appreciate them so much more than you could have before. 

The first step from here is to take care of you. Don't let your break up happen in vain. I can stand by you while you heal and I can work with you to identify what, where, and when things went wrong to help you learn so the same lesson does not have to be repeated again.