If you are in a relationship that you do not want to end, but you have reached a point where there is a bump in the road and you can't seem to get around it, you are not seeing eye to eye, and communication is so bad it feels like you are speaking different languages...there is still hope, but I urge you to contact me immediately. 

The desire and determination to get through this will allow your relationship to survive. Regardless of what has brought you to this point, you can surpass this as long as you both want the relationship. 

Relationships do not have to be work, but they do require effort. Both people in the relationship must be willing to make the necessary changes. Both have to acknowledge that improvement can be made on both sides and you must get to an understanding that you are in it together. 

If you can get past this hurtle you will find a new sense of connection and love for each other because you got through it together.

This doesn't have to break you. Believe it or not it could bring you closer, but you need help. 

Couples at this point are a little lost and need a mediator to guide their way back to each other. 

There are several techniques that we can use to help your relationship get back to basics and build from there. 

If you are serious about fixing things it would be my pleasure to help you save your relationship.