How to staying FOCUSED and MOTIVATED to reach your life goals

Set goals

Start with simple short goals and expand on those for bigger long term goals. Now that we’ve reached the 2nd half of the year it is a good time to check on the progress you’ve made on your goals. How are those going? What do you need to do to make sure you reach them by the end of the year?

Make sure they are YOUR goals and that you are doing them for the right reasons. 

Some people have a hard time reaching a goal because it’s not something that they really want to do. It might be something they think they want, but later realize it’s not really for them.

Put it on paper. 

Trust me, it’s easy to forget things. Don’t trust yourself to remember everything. Write down your goals to keep yourself accountable. 

Make weekly checkpoints to follow your progress. 

This will help you stay on track. It’s unfair to your goals if you only check on them at the beginning and end of the journey. They need to be nourished and maintained through the process. 

Visualize the end result and what it will feel like to finally achieve your end goal.

This is what will fuel you on days your lacking motivation.

Don’t worry about what you CAN’T control. 

Some people get so focused on the parts they can’t control that they become paralyzed and don’t do anything with the things they CAN control. 

Seek out positive information. 

Look up people who have had success in what you are trying to do. Remind yourself that if they can do it so can you. They are proof that it is possible. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. 

Remind yourself of your purpose.

Why did you get that goal in the first place? This can help you find clarity during tough times. 

Be consistent!

Little by little eventually adds up. 

Be flexible, but have structure. 

Life happens. Don’t get too tough on yourself if something doesn’t go as planned, but give yourself structure so that you can give it yourself the best opportunity to meet your goal. 

Reward yourself! 

Celebrate when you reach a goal. Personally, I live for travel. Every goal I have revolves around going on trips. What’s the point if you aren’t rewarding yourself?! Celebrate your wins! This will keep you motivated and hungry for more.

Make it fun! 

No matter what you are doing, do it with a positive attitude and do your best to enjoy the process. Take time to do things that are good for your mental and physical well being.