Are you a victim of your patterns?

Do you find yourself living the same experiences over and over again because you keep making the same mistakes?

Here are 3 steps to help you replace bad patterns with good ones. 

First, you must stop focusing on what you HAVEN’T changed. 

Let go of what you could’ve done or could’ve been and focus on what you could do or could be.

There is no point in focusing on the time you’ve wasted, the mistakes you’ve made, or how things could’ve been differently if you would’ve made different decisions. 

It doesn’t matter anymore because there is nothing that can be done about the past. 

Instead focus your energy on what those things have taught you and how they have prepared you with tools to be a better you from THIS DAY FORWARD. 

Second, Understand that our lives are built by daily habits we create that turn into patterns. 

Good or bad any habit will become a pattern if we repeat it enough. 

Therefore, the trick to changing ourselves is in changing our PATTERNS.

Third, we must train ourselves into BELIEVING that we are capable and we are in charge. 

We are all capable of change.
— L

We must welcome constant change to continuously grow and evolve through the lessons of life. 

Do you believe that you are a powerful and conscious being that is capable of being in control of your habits and the patterns they create? 

Ask yourself, what do my daily habits and my life choices reflect?