How often do you hug your Partner???

Did you know that touch is our first language? It is the first of the 5 senses to develop!

Touch is an instinctual language that we take for granted.

We bond to people that we connect with and we connect to people through TOUCH.
— L.

Touch is beneficial to your emotional and physical health. Studies have proven that it can improve the function of your immune system, lower heart rates and blood pressure, reduce stress, and release Oxytocin (the hormone that makes you feel happy).

Try this with your partner:

  • Take 10 minutes to hug in bed as soon as you wake up AND 10 minutes to hug in bed before going to sleep.

  • Hug your partner when saying goodbye AND saying hello.

  • Take 1 minute (can do for longer) to hug your partner in the middle of the day. No matter what is going on STOP for just 1 complete minute to hug. You should feel reassured, comforted, and connected after this.

Not all people are affectionate by nature, but all people NEED affection. It is a factual human necessity. If you are not a cuddler try baby steps by sitting closer to your partner for longer periods of time.

Just keep in mind that studies show time and time again that cuddling is extremely helpful in reducing stress and maintaining connection between people.