Relationships thrive when two people share companionship

COMPANIONSHIP is the core of what keeps couples CONNECTED.

When two people share companionship they have established a state of friendship, but on a more meaningful & deeper level.

They have made the time, put in the effort & removed any barriers from truly CONNECTING.

This type of companionship is what allows couples to be in each other’s presence in silence & still find contempt to just be sharing space or it allows couples to talk for hours because they enjoy conversing.

The type of space you share is based on the couple and could change by the day.

To achieve companionship you must be:

Flexible - Every day is a different day. Keep in mind that no matter how similar you may be you are still two different people sharing one life. Flexibility will make you malleable to each other so that you can grow individually and together.

Time - Make time for each other to share space just the two of you. Time alone together is crucial to creating intimacy and connecting.

Effort - Relationships don’t take work they take effort. To put in the effort means that you each do your part to create and maintain a happy, healthy, and balanced partnership.

Communicate - You should be able to talk about everything and anything with your partner. It’s not about what you say…it’s about how you say it. Learn to speak the same language so that you speak with purpose and know each other’s intentions so you can truly understand each other.

The goal of any long term relationship should be to cultivate companionship. It is what will keep you connected through your lives together.