Positivity Takes Practice (and removing negativity)

Our lives are full of challenges and obstacles that provide us with opportunities to change, evolve, and grow.

That’s the positive way of looking at those things, but it takes time, effort and most importantly practice to learn to live with a positive perspective that allows you to find the good in the bad and move forward instead of being held back by challenges.

So, how do we stay positive in the midst of it all? How do we FIND the positivity?

Well, the answer to being positive might just be in removing negativity.

Are you conscious of the things that may be bringing negativity into your life?

That includes people and things!

It’s pretty easy to change the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the feed on your social media (all things that subliminally influence you). It is much harder to change or remove negative people.

Your peace is your pathway to positivity.
— L

If you have people in your life that bring negativity then something must be done...whether it’s placing distance or completely eliminating them from your life.

How do you know whether you should keep them around???

Well, do you want to keep them around, and do you have to keep them around? If you don’t then there is your answer.

However, if you do, then it’s only fair that you have a talk with them. Let them know (in a kind way, without insulting or hurting them) that they are negative.

Sometimes people don’t even realize how negative they are and that their negativity is pushing them away from people.

If that doesn’t work then you might just have to make that tough decision and place some major distance between you. It’s tough at first, but it’s even tougher to have someone who brings negativity into your life and is always bringing you down.

Life is too short. Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people that make you happy and grateful to have them around.

If you are having a serious issue with this with someone very close to you or that you can’t remove from your life please contact me. I provide a free 15 minute consult to everybody.

As always,

Sending love and peace!