How to THINK and ACT positively

Positivity has many parts to it, two of which are:

Positivity as a state of mind (the attitude) and positivity as a way of life (the action). One cannot truly exist without the other.

Positivity as a state of mind means that you lead a life in which you try to live positively. You actively seek being and maintaining happiness and gratitude. You're kind to yourself and you're kind to others (which allows you to have patience...and having patience helps us live with more peace and less anxiety).

With positivity as an attitude you look for the good in the bad and you make constant choices to live with a positive perspective AND refuse to allow negativity to overtake you. When you have self-doubts, you reassure yourself about all the reasons you should be confident and when something negative happens, you dig deep and find the positivity in it.

Now, positivity as an an action means that you literally do things to be positive and stay positive. You surround yourself and immerse yourself in a world that revolves around positivity.

You change your social media feed to follow inspirational accounts, you listen to upbeat and positive music, you spend your time with people that like to uplift others (instead of gossip and put others down). You even change the way you speak (so that when when someone asks you how it’s going you mention all the good things that are happening instead of all the bad). You are focused on what is going right instead of what is going wrong

You probably know what you need to do when you are not feeling good (or you have a good idea about what works for you)…so do it. Everyday over and over again.

Positivity takes practice, but eventually it can become automatic. If you practice positivity enough eventually you won’t even have to think about it. You won’t have to make a conscious effort to think or react positively because you have reprogrammed your brain to think with a positive perspective.

However, remember…you are human. Even the most positive people have their days.

We live in a world full of negative things, negative events and negative people. None of us have control over that...  

The only thing you have control of is how you react to the things you don’t have control over.

Take it one moment and one day at a time, but know that with enough practice you can eventually change your perspective to automatically perceive positively.