This service is designed for people who are divorced and are either coping, curing, or celebrating. 

Divorce is experienced differently depending on the person and the couple. However, I like to simplify it into three categories. 

To cope with something is, "to face and deal with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties". If you are coping with your divorce then you are learning how to adjust. 

Curing means, "to heal or restore to health". At this point, you have accepted the changes and are ready to embrace the opportunities that may come. You are finding a new identity as an individual and establishing a new you. During this time, open up to new things. Invite positivity into your life by exploring new friendships and activities. 

In the celebrating category people are happy that the divorce process is finally over. Divorce can take months and sometimes years to be finalized. Getting divorced is a process. Most people don't realize how long it takes and all the things that can happen in between. Many people even meet new partners and start new families while still waiting to be divorced. Others are enjoying their "me time" and are focused on themselves. If you fall into this category then divorce equals freedom for you. Freedom to truly move on with your life. Congratulations! You survived! You made it through! Now you know how strong you are. You know that you can make it through anything. Let go of the pain, the resentment, the misunderstanding, the doubts, and everything attached to the negative parts of divorce. Refocus your energy on all the positive things your new life can now look forward to.